A modern website with classical elements that visually captures the essence of Rodos Park Suites and Spa boutique hotel, setting it aside from the competition and escaping the industry standards in webdesign. Within the various templates developed for the business’ different aspects (rooms, suites, restaurant and bar options), the upselling area remains a constant that aims to remind visitors that there’s more to do at Rodos Park. A full page main menu simplifies navigation as it presents all the options in a non-hierarchical way, making it easier to find the information the user is looking for and minimizing the number of clicks required to access it. The booking functionality is featured prominently in all pages and takes up special place in the rooms and suites pages, making the booking process a breeze. Finally, impressive above-the-fold photo galleries adorn all product pages as well as most other pages, integrating the photo browsing function (traditionally fulfilled in a specific page in hotel websites) with the visitor’s experience, adding yet another layer of information in his/hers visit. Under the hood, the special theme developed for the project makes site administration easy and trouble-free, especially important as content updates will be handled by the hotel team. Finally, the site is fully functional on mobile and tablet devices, as a mobile and responsive version were developed as well.