The Mulhouse's leading games retailer founded by David Fichter & Jérémie Walter with great deals on video games, consoles, accessories and more. The website of OVER GAMES is a creation from Mars Rouge's Agency, founded by Julien Di Giusto in Mulhouse, Alsace. The epicenter of Mulhouse City’s gaming community, OVER GAMES is as much a happening as it is a store. This is where you’ll find a well-stocked variety of the first families of home video gaming systems through to today’s international best sellers. Video games of all kinds are priced according to condition, not barcode. An uber-knowledgeable staff can recite the history of video games backwards, from 2000’s Sony PlayStation 2, to 1972’s soundless Magnavox Odyssey console. OVER GAMES in Mulhouse stocks console games from the very first home video game system to the most recent generation of video game systems from around the world. OVER GAMES is a store defined by sleek organization and efficiency, and its focus is on providing actual games over anything else. No matter what your set-up, from Sega Dreamcast to PS4, they’ve got you covered.