Downtown Philadephia

Site of The Day 15 Aug 2018

Downtown Philadephia

by Directline Development From United States of America



Downtown Philadelphia. Philadelphia skyscraper project, where you can ‘fly’ across the skyline of Center City Philadelphia. The informative project about Philadelphia skyscrapers downtown. Envision yourself at a height of 250 ft. You can take a fresh look at the Center City of Philadelphia, PA on the project`s website. Philadelphia`s web design studio called Direct Line Development created this site to inform locals and tourists about the history of the buildings and to enlighten with some lesser-known facts about each tower. For example, did you know that G. FRED DIBONA JR. BUILDING and the famous CN Tower in Toronto, Ontario, Canada have the same architect? Or did you know that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez enjoyed the city views from Three Logan Square`s Top of the Tower in “Jersey Girl”? This website is made for getting a breathtaking feeling of flying amongst the highest towers in the cityscape. Don`t forget to turn up the volume! Stay in love with Philly!