About Us Through Celewish, individuals can book personalized video messages from celebrities. The platform allows to live the personalized fan moment in the form of celebrity’s celebrity birthday wishes messages or wishes on any special occasions. Alongside this, Celewish is also for celebrities where they can connect with fans as well as send them birthday or anniversary wishes, greetings, brand endorsement/ promotion, meet and greet with celebrities and shout outs on requests. The motive of the website is to connect with send messages in an attractive way across family. Our mission is to create the most personalized and authentic fan experiences in the world. Let us clear your first. Celewish is not for interviews, auditions, pitching or selling songs, ideas, or anything to the talent in any way. The most highlighted service of our brand is – it connects celebrities and fans taps into their obsession for their favorite stars or someone who motivates them. Basically, Celewish has widely spread celebrity base from different walks of life and region across India, it boasts rich line-up of celebrities likewise – star performer - Ayushman Khurana, Indian Cricket star – M.S Dhoni, singing star – Arijeet Singh and so on. With Celewish, you can gift something unique to your loved ones; the personalized celebrity video messages will be cherished as memories for whole life. Though, it is paid service and available at a set price which depends on video time-limit and other aspects. Celewish not only lets you to surprise your nearest but also above from this it allows you to teamed up with celebrities to generate a real experience which helps fans to enhance the visibility curve, expand their brand and make monetization avenue for their business. When fans are getting deeper engagement with big stars, celebrity video messages for birthday can also use Celewish to boost up their star status by audience interaction and video demand by users. How we work? As the entire world is facing battle with Covid-19 in the past year (2020), our online video messaging app helps users to interact with their favorite celebs and send greetings to the loved ones by following social distancing. By signing up on Celewish, you can know more about our website’s features and convey your wishes or promote the brand among people while staying at home. To use our website, you have to follow such steps – Register on via Facebook or Google account. You can choose your favorite celebrities among the homepage or directory. Browse the application and search your favorite star by profession in different categories. After selecting your favorite celebrity list, fill out certain information, including – brief description of your video message that you want from the celebrity to convey. You will also have to mention any specific occasion or pointers of video to enhance the value of your video message. Once the request is accepted, this will be responded within 7 – 15 days, in case it wouldn’t, it will refund as soon as possible. You can get the request video in inbox and share at whichever platforms you want. Still, have any queries, contact with your customer support team, we will help you better!!!