Carol of the Bells

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Carol of the Bells

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Interactive website telling the story of the most famous Christmas song — Carol of the Bells and its Ukrainian origin. Back in 1916, a genius Ukrainian composer Mykola Leontovych used one of the oldest melodies of Ukrainian folklore to create a true masterpiece — a Christmas carol called Shchedryk. And now, every Christmas, the whole world sings the Carol of the Bells – Shchedryk’s English version. But what is the history behind it? And how did a folk melody become so popular? Explore on the website. The project of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, created with the support of the British Embassy Kyiv, Leontovych Institute (Tina Peresunko) and plusone social impact agency. Credits plusone social impact team: Project Lead Tetyana Morgun Creative Director Nadiia Rokytianska Web Design Stanislava Brylenko Web Development Olga Postushna Copywriter Leila Alieva